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Pilot Lounge

First Coast Flight Center has a pilot lounge in the FBO terminal. Amenities include an HD television with cable, two couches, two recliners, magazines and a view of the airfield. Pilots are also welcome to take advantage of our pool table, located in the front room of the terminal.

Golf Course

Fiddler's Green is an 18-hole golf course located approximately 7 miles from Herlong at 13715 Lake Newman St, Jacksonville, FL 32221. Book your tee time by calling (904) 778-5245.

Hotels & Restaurants

Pilots are welcome to utilize the crew car for food and pilots often fly into Herlong for the excellent BBQ right next door.

Fuel Information

(Last update 2/1/2023 06:30 a.m)


Self Service: $5.95/Gal
Full Service: $6.49/Gal


Full Service: $6.65/Gal

First Coast Flight Center – Your Passion, Our Profession

First Coast Flight Center is Westside Jacksonville’s Fixed Based Operator (FBO) of choice. Located at Herlong Recreational Airport (HEG) on Normandy Boulevard, First Coast Flight Center caters to both corporate and general aviation pilots with reasonable fuel prices and less congestion than other North Florida FBOs. First Coast Flight Center’s facilities are also conveniently located mere minutes from I-10, making it a convenient choice for traveling to downtown Jacksonville or accessing I-95.