Herlong Recreational Airport is located on the Westside of Jacksonville, a short distance from I-10 and I-295. Herlong is an uncontrolled airport. There is an aircraft maintenance located on- airport.




• CTAF/UNICOM: 123.0
• WX AWOS-3: 119.275 (904-695-0334)
• JACKSONVILLE APPROACH: 123.8 123.8 [0700-2300]
• JACKSONVILLE DEPARTURE: 123.8 [0700-2300]
• WX AWOS-3 at VQQ (5 nm SW): 125.275 (904-778-6934)
• WX ASOS at JAX (14 nm NE): PHONE 904-741-4304
• WX ASOS at CRG (16 nm E): PHONE 904-646-4670


Herlong has two active asphalt runways, each served by full-length parallel taxi-ways. The airport’s primary runway is 7/25. It is 4,000' long and 100' wide. The secondary runway is 11/29. It has a runway length of 3,500' and a width of 100'.




Runway 7/25 is equipped with medium intensity runway lights, precision approach path indicator lights and runway end identification lights (MIRL, PAPI). 

Runway 11/29 is equipped with medium intensity runway lights and precision approach path indicator lights (MIRL, PAPI)

Nearby Navigational Aids

• VOR radial/distance  VOR name  Freq  Var
• VQQr052/(5.9)CECIL VOR117.9003W
• CRGr260/15.8CRAIG VORTAC114.5003W
• SGJr314/31.3ST AUGUSTINE VOR/DME109.4006W 

FBO Hours of Operation

The FBO is staffed Monday - Friday, 0630 – 1930, and Saturday – Sunday from 0700 - 1700.

Hangar & Tie-Down Leasing

The Jacksonville Aviation Authority owns and leases all aircraft storage areas at Herlong Recreational Airport.  These include:

• 100 well-maintained t-hangars
• 60 tie-down spots, tie-down rings included
• 2 bulk hangars with FCFC staff responsible for all aircraft movement

All tenants also receive access to fuel discount programs.  For availability and more information about leasing at Herlong, please contact our general aviation specialist at 904-741-5078.

Mobile Aviation Maintenance provided by Poiema* Services, LLC.

Poiema* Services, LLC is designed to repair your aircraft at its location. Minimizing additional fuel cost or flight planning. Some of the maintenance services provided:

· Annual inspections.
· Pre-purchase inspections.
· 25, 50, 100-hour maintenance.
· VFR/IFR Certification Resource.
· Aircraft re-pair/re-build.
· Research/Resource for used parts.
· Damaged aircraft recovery.
· Aircraft purchase consultation.

Owner and operator Robin Rivera was a military veteran who thrived in customer service through mission and maintenance support for over 25 years.

Safety and efficiency were paramount in the military. While assigned to various U.S. Army combat units, Robin applied both values to ensure that all crews returned from every mission successfully. While in the Middle East, Korea and Bosnia, Robin had the opportunity to learn logistical requirements needed in resourcing parts essential to vehicle mission readiness. Robin brings these experiences and values to Poiema* Services, a unique company designed to support your aviation maintenance needs.

With Poiema Services as your Maintenance Support Team, our endstate is to ensure your aircraft is airworthy. Call us at 270-319-2208 to schedule a consultation and free estimate for maintenance or repairs.